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A Small Unrepresentative Sample of Digital History Projects

There are many different ways of doing digital history. You might find something to inspire you here, to delight you, to confound you.

As you explore these, note the date of creation, the platform or tools used, and the design choices made. See for instance the way Miriam Posner discusses projects in this video:

...and this presentation in a similar vein, by Tiffany Chan, regarding undergraduate projects:

Big Ticket Projects

A 'Stunning' Love Letter to Viral Texts - http://loveletter.viraltexts.org/

Viral Texts - http://viraltexts.org

Valley of the Shadow - http://valley.lib.virginia.edu/

Webarchives.ca http://webarchives.ca/

Scissors and Paste http://www.scissorsandpaste.net/

Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History http://canadianmysteries.ca/en/index.php

Six Degrees of Francis Bacon http://sixdegreesoffrancisbacon.com/

Kindred Britain http://kindred.stanford.edu/

Quantifying Kissinger http://blog.quantifyingkissinger.com/

Projects by Students

Minecrafted Vimy on github

Minecrafted Rideau on github

The Molasses Flood http://omekasites.northeastern.edu/DeepMap/neatline/fullscreen/1919-molasses-flood

Boston Harbour Islands http://omekasites.northeastern.edu/DeepMap/neatline/fullscreen/boston-harbor-islands

Hearing Childhood in Ottawa South http://ottawalifestories.wix.com/hearingchildhood#!introduction/cjg9

Searching for Residential Schools http://ryanpickering.github.io/Residential-School-Online-Response/startbootstrap-grayscale-1.0.3/